Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor is without a doubt one of the best female characters in modern cinema. Now, anytime I lay down a superlative like that, I expect a little bit of backlash, but Hamilton and Sigourney Weaver both took James Cameron flicks and used them to mold a new type of female action hero. One that wouldn’t take any shit and would work-out in mental institutions (T2) or tape a flame-thrower to an assault rifle (Aliens).

Good news for those of you hoping that Terminator 4 has some continuity (unlike 3: Rise of the Machines), Hamilton will serenade you with her sweet, warning-of-the-oncoming-holocaust voice at the beginning of Terminator Salvation…

From CHUD, who nabbed the confirmation:

A source who has seen the film confirms to us that Hamilton’s voice over is in the film, and that it works very well in context. Her voice over is not long, and it comes at the very beginning of the movie; the source compared it in tone and style to her voice over in T2.

Unfortunately that was all I could get - this source was incredibly mum about all other details. But that little bit of continuity - the presence of Sarah Connor - is going to be present in Terminator Salvation.

Bonus nostalgia points if I find myself looking at the dividing lines of a freeway while Hamilton is talking.