Now here's an interesting bit of news to discuss. Nikki Finke of Deadline Hollywood ran a story today addressing the recent Thor casting rumors. She confirms that Kenneth Branagh is looking at Alexander Skarsgard, who we mentioned a few days ago, as well as at least four other unknown actors for the role of Thor. The problem is they need some big names to actually sell this as a big summer tentpole movie. Well, there's Josh Hartnett, who IESB scooped last week and will probably play the evil villain Loki. But then Finke also mentions Natalie Portman, who she says "is in the lead for the female lead." Could it be?!

First things first, since I'm not that familiar with the Thor universe, I had to figure out what lead female characters there would even be in a Thor movie. I asked around on Twitter and it seems most people are guessing she might play Sif, Thor's wife who is also a goddess in Asgard. As much as I love Portman, she doesn't exactly seem like the goddess type, but maybe I'm just jumping the gun. A few other people ventured a guess that she could also be playing Jane Foster, who is the girlfriend of Thor's modern world altar-ego Donald Blake, but we're not exactly sure how much Blake is even in this movie to begin with.

Getting back to the idea of Natalie Portman joining Thor, I'm all for it. Though I've got a bone to pick with Finke, because she says "so I guess Marvel wants a wooden performance." Are you kidding me!? She was only "wooden" in the Star Wars prequels because she was playing against Hayden Christensen, who is a piece of wood, and because Lucas ain't great at directing. Anyway, as much as I know Portman will probably end up being cast as Sif, I'd rather see her as Jane Foster. Either way, I'll be glad to see Portman in a high profile superhero movie, because she'll be in the news more often, and I always love seeing more of her.