This week, watch as a poor little lady is feasted upon by a pack of lesbian vampires and take a look at the gorgeous trailer to Stolen Planet where astronauts fight with lightsaber whips.

First up is a round up of old timey type posters featuring the ladies from the British comedy Lesbian Vampire Killers.Total Film went ahead and shot all these ladies in bathing suits but from the looks of the flicks, new clips and featurette, the girls will be wearing a lot less than that in the movie. The plot is pretty simple: a couple of clowns stumble upon a lesbian vampire breeding ground and have to fight their way out.

Lesbian Vampire Killers - "The Boys" Webisode!

Stolen Planet
This little independent space film by Nick Kougioulis has really knocked us over on our backsides. The flick follows a lonely technician on his way to patch up a communication tower on another planet but, when he gets there, everything has gone to hell as it so often does in space. What we're most excited about is the look of the film; everything has an almost-surreal feel, from the ominous green-eyed robot and delicate jet pack to the light-whips. Check out the trailer and Scifi Scoop's interview with the man who birthed this trippy baby (where he reveals that he shot this whole thing on a Sony Camcorder, amazing).

Stolen Planet Movie Trailer from Nick Kougioulis on Vimeo

Twitch has pointed out that the official website for anime film Baton is up and running the trailer. The director is Ryuhei Kitamura (known for Godzilla: Final Wars) and takes place on a future Earth, which includes adorable and intelligent robots.