Roland Emmerich's end-of-the-world film 2012 has just unrolled a flurry of video rants form the "apocalypse prognosticator" DJ Charlie Frost (Harrelson). Including a cartoon depicting how we're all going to die.

The character Charlie Frost looks like a lunatic hippie, mixed with a bit of shock jock. I know I was against Woody being involved in this ridiculous picture, about the world ending according to the Mayan calendar, but I take it all back - all of it. This was the role he was born to play or he's just not acting. Seriously, take away the hair and I this exactly what I would imagine Woody Harrelson is like in real life. Wearing ponchos, driving around in a camper, talking about government conspiracy theories - and then we'd all go get high from the remnants of his now defunct "oxygen bar." I'm for Charlie Frost and his over the top, crazy-eyes viral videos, especially when he hits on caller Linda in the "Super Volcanoes" clip. They're cute and remind me a little of Independence Day.

As for the rest of 2012, well I still don't have the highest of hopes for the struggling limo driver/writer Jackson Curtis (John Cusack) who has to win back the respect of his family and keep them save from the apocalypse. Seems like a lot of juggling - but it is Cusack, so fingers crossed.

Charlie Frost's Animation

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Super Volcanoes

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