Rourke was signed on to Iron Man 2. I figured it was an out of date story, but I checked it, and sure enough. He is back in the role he was rumoured in before - this time with a rumoured raise - Crimson Dynamo. reports:

Deadline Hollywood Daily says that Rourke got a significant salary bump after Marvel’s previously reported “lowball offer.” According to DHD, Rourke will play “the Russian villain” in the film, which seems to confirm the rumor that he’ll play Crimson Dynamo.

It looks like this was more of a negotiation tactic. Rourke must have had a couple dozen offers slide across his dusty table once The Wrestler yanked him into the limelight again. This likely made him think he was suddenly A-List and that wee paycheque raised an eyebrow.

His role is simply reported as the “Russian Villain” and that he will begin researching his role after he finishes promoting The Wrestler… in Russia. Convenient.

When the rumour came around the first time, I was happy with him in the role of Crimson Dynamo, and it looks like thats where he is going to be.