Terminator Salvation:

Don't hold your breath for an Arnold Schwarzenegger cameo in T4, even with his face digitally pasted onto the prototype of the T-800 for a moment. Director McG has been hinting that he'll try and get Arnie to appear somehow. But TheArnoldFans.com quotes the California governor as saying, last weekend, that he doesn't want to have a brief cameo in the film, even one second, because then the studio can promote the film by claiming that Arnie is in it as the Terminator. So "they should try to find a way of doing a story that does not include me at all." [The Arnold Fans via Sci Fi Wire]

G.I. Joe:

More hints from Baroness actor Sienna Miller: She has a "really good girl-fight" with "Scarlett" O'Hara, played by Rachel Nichols, which involves rubber bullets and open flames. Meanwhile, that bit in the trailer, where two figures in jumpsuits catapult over rockets and jump through a bus, involves Duke (Channing Tatum) and Ripcord (Marlon Wayans). [MTV]

Iron Man 2:

Director Jon Favreau Twittered this picture of Tony Stark's house in the new movie under construction, our first set pic from the highly anticipated sequel. [Jon Favreau via Cinemablend]


Eagle-eyed reader Coaltrain2371 points out that IMDB lists the penultimate episode of season one as being called "Omega," and it includes Alpha... played by Alan Tudyk. So that settles that, unless someone else edited IMDB, which is possible. [IMDB]

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

Here are a few promo pics from episode 2x20, "To The Lighthouse." [Sarah Connor Society]

Also, in the two-parter that starts Friday, Yuri Lowenthal plays Christopher, a "sonar man" on the Jimmy Carter, Jesse's Terminator-captained nuclear submarine in the future. All he could say about the two-parter is that things aren't always fun on the sub, and something happens towards the end of the story that made him scream when he read it in the script. More and bigger set pics at the link. [Sarah Connor Society]

Stargate Universe:

The ninth episode of the show will be called "Justice" and will deal with shipboard justice and the developing interactions among the crew. [Gateworld]


Here are a couple more clips from tomorrow night's "Clark comes clean, is it just a dream?" episode. [EW]


Here are some minor characters being cast for episode 19:

[SUSAN & NANCY LUTZ] (FEMALE, 29) Twins; pretty but not striking, a loner, reserved. GUEST

[DRIVER] (MALE, 40-50) Bus driver with a frantic passenger. TWO SCENES – PLEASE SPECIFY IF ACTOR IS CERTIFIED TO DRIVE A BUS

[WINTERS] (MALE, 35) Non-speaking, threatening with an air of menace. TWO SCENES

[MICHAEL CARLIN] (MALE, 39) Informant Peter and Olivia go to. ONE SCENE

[MANAGER] (MALE, 55) Building manager, gives Olivia and Peter a tour. ONE SCENE

[FORENSIC TECH] (MALE or FEMALE, 30s) At a crime scene. UNDER FIVE

[SpoilerTV via Fringe Television]

Star Wars: Clone Wars:

Here are a couple more pics, and a clip, from Friday's continuation of the Ryloth storyline, with Mace Windu in a tight spot. [Lucasfilm]


David H. Lawrence, the "puppeteer" Doyle, says his character will have a romantic scene next week that we'll be talking about for a long time. Um, yeah. And we'll learn more about what the oyster-slurping Angela has been planning. We'll meet a character with an Earth-related ability, and it'll be "muddy." Claire and Sylar willl come to an understanding, since they'll both live forever. And the season finale will introduce a female baddie, and will include the word "pipeline" at some point. And here are some set pics showing the filming of the scene where Matt first meets Matt Jr. [The ODI]

Life On Mars:

The show's final episode didn't need too much of a rewrite to change it from a season finale to a series finale, says producer Josh Appelbaum. The show's storylines were mostly going to wrap up in this episode anyway, but the producers had to provide a bit more closure in the final act and get rid of the cliffhanger. It'll make you view everything that's already happened in a new light. Some viewers will hate the ending and some will love it, but either way, it's emotional and mind-bending. [Zap2It]