Is Marvel looking to cast an unknown as Thor, in the wake of their money issues? In any case, they put out an open casting call for the extraterrestrial thunder god:

Male. MUST BE MID-LATE 20's and SIX FEET OR TALLER. LEAD. Physically powerful, very handsome, occasionally egotistical, petulant, and wild. A natural warrior with a quick charming wit who must be genuinely and severely humbled before becoming the compassionate, mature hero of our film.

And it's filming from July to September. [SpoilerTV]

Star Trek:

John Cho says his Sulu will be more innocent and more caught off guard by his experiences on his first mission. He's not supposed to be on the Enterprise, and he's definitely not supposed to be helmsman. "He's thrust into the position of helmsman by accident." [Sci Fi Wire]

Green Lantern:

As you've heard, this film is Hal Jordan's origin story, and it sets up the character in a believable way before delving into all the mythos. And there's loads of humor along the way. [Coming Soon]

X-Men Origins: Wolverine:

Here's a new picture of Deadpool, still looking disappointingly un-scarred. (Bigger version at link.) [Superhero Hype]

Ghost Rider 2:

Nic Cage says if he does the sequel, he wants it to "go deeper" into the action-horror element. It should "keep us asking questions," and "keep it interesting on a philosophical level." [MTV via Shocktillyoudrop]

Battlestar Galactica:

Says producer Ron Moore, "This is not going to be the ending you're anticipating." And Jamie Bamber says, "In the finale, it goes back to the beginning of Apollo and Starbuck, and you see where they come from." (This is probably literally true, since IMDB says Zack Adama is back, presumably in flashbacks.) [Chicago Tribune]

And here are some pics from the three hour finale. [SpoilerTV]]

Doctor Who:

Somehow I missed this from Friday. David Tennant takes us behind the scenes on the Easter special, "Planet Of The Dead," once again. [Planet Gallifrey]


So who really runs the Dollhouse? Says Joss Whedon, Adelle DeWitt is not the uber-boss - there are people she answers to. And her history isn't what you'd expect, nor is it what actor Olivia Williams expected when she took on the role. [TV Guide]

And here are some pics from episode seven, "Echoes," where Echo goes onto campus and reconnects with her own past. (And I'm pretty sure this is the episode whose script pages we reviewed, way way back in November. I think the idea that Echo is programmed to be an off-duty dominatrix is even more hilarious now that I've seen her outfit in the episode.) [SpoilerTV]


Yet another casting call for the finale. The show is seeking a middle-aged man to play Captain Bird, a man with a military background who's concerned about the safety of his ship's crew. (And fans speculate this could mean we'll see the Black Rock scenes at last.) Also, there's a charismatic forty-something Southerner named Doug, who delivers bad news to his buddy with empathy. And Jeff, a Southern kid, around 10 years old, who has been through a lot and hides his pain behind anger. [The ODI]

Sterling Beaumon, who plays Young Ben, won't say who he appears with in upcoming episodes, but he doesn't "exactly" interact with the show's main cast. Also, he said we don't see Annie, or Ben's dead mom. [E! Online]


There will be many mind-blowing twists in the final episode, and the climactic Sam-Dean battle may carry over into the start of season five. [E! Online]


Doomsday is getting worse, and later this season Davis takes Oliver and Jimmy hostage, forcing Clark to intervene. [E! Online]


In the next episode, we'll begin to see the "downward spiral" of one character who is marked for death. (I'm guessing Tracy, since I think the next episode is Tracy-centric, right?) And Rebel's identity will be revealed. [E! Online]


Tyler Lapine says the show's second season goes as far as it can without Standards and Practices stepping in. There's some "almost nudity" with Eriko Tamura as Sock's stepsister, and Sock himself has a couple of three-quarter nude scenes. "They're hot - steamy." Sock considers "chemical castration" so he won't lust after his step sister any more, and then after he exhausts all the options,

We make it happen. And it's beautiful! We actually forge a pretty neat relationship and I end up trying to seek the approval of her father, aka my new stepdad, so it gets a little weird there too. He's, like, a strict, staunch Japanese man.

Also, the show seriously considers the fact that Sam's mom had sex with the devil. The second season ends with a minor cliffhanger, a "cleverly posed scenario at the end that kind of wraps up season two, but it leaves you with a whole new path and mythology," relating to demon lovers Steve and Tony. (And this insane interview is making me actually consider watching Reaper again.) [TV Guide]

Here's what happens in episode 15, "All The Young Dudes":

When Detective Sam Tyler poses as a streetwise tough to infiltrate a vicious New York City gang suspected of truck hijackings, he's pushed to the limit not to blow his cover, and he reveals a much darker side. A bare-knuckled fist fight with a gang member, a late-night deal to buy a truckload of stolen VCRs, and even time behind bars at his own 125th Precinct are all necessary elements of Sam's scam. But can he keep up the ruse when he's told to shoot a bound-and-gagged woman? And his attraction to the gang leader's sister also seems to be part of a recipe for disaster.

And here are some pics from the episode. [SpoilerTV]

Additional reporting by Alasdair Wilkins.