Star Trek:

In the movie, you won't find out how Nero knows all about the original-timeline Captain Kirk, which leads him to screwing with Kirk's timeline in particular. That's explained in the prequel comic, where you see a scene of Nero researching Kirk (and it's a picture of Shatner's Kirk) prior to traveling back in time, according to the comic's writers. (Bigger scan at the link.) [TrekMovie]


NBC aired a new featurette about Rorschach during Heroes. And here are some new character-based TV spots that include some new footage, I think.

Dragonball Evolution:

Get your kamehameha on with some new Japanese TV spots! [DB The Movie]


A new casting call! In the last two episodes of the season, we'll meet three members of a family. (And these are possibly not their real names.) There's Young Natalie, who's a strong-willed ten-year-old, blonde and blue-eyed. She's upset because her parents are divorcing, and she runs to her room, crying. Then there's the older sister, Young Donna, who's a twelve-year-old brunette. She's more stoic when she hears the news, quietly crying. And finally the mom, Alice, who's in her thirties and holds her feelings in check for her family. It's up to her to tell the girls she's divorcing their dad. So is this a flashback? And if so, to whose childhood? [SpoilersLost]

Also, Evangeline Lilly says she was worried that the show's writers would make her character get back together with Sawyer immediately after she meets him again, after three years of being with Jack. But it sounds like she dodged that bullet. Instead of being romantic, it's intense and shcoking when they are reunited, because Kate thought Sawyer was dead. [TV Guide via Doc Arzt]

Tonight's episode answers the big hanging question: How did Jin join the Dharma initiative, as seen at the end of "316"? And what are our characters going to do about the point in the island's history where they find themselves? [Doc Arzt]

Reiko Aylesworth plays Amy, a new character whom we meet tonight, when she's having a baby. Says Aylesworth:

You come upon Amy in the midst of the biggest crisis of her life. Actually, two of the most intense moments in her life are in this first episode.

We'll find out who the baby's father is, but not in tonight's episode. Likewise, we'll eventually find out who the baby is, and it's someone "special." And Amy draws the castaways into "a new world," where they have to make a choice about interfering with the past. [TV Guide]

Doctor Who:

The fantastic Alun.Vega uploaded some more great pictures of David Tennant, Lindsay Graham and that cute/weird robot, from the set of the second 2009 special. [Doctor Who Forum]

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

Didn't notice this before, but it sounds like Busy Philipps will be back in the two parter "The Last Voyage Of The Jimmy Carter." Yay! [Sarah Connor Society]

And here's a new interview with Stephanie Jacobsen. (Am I on crack, or is that a new clip at the start?) And Jacobsen insists that Jesse thinks she's doing the right thing and is misunderstood. [Sarah Connor Society]


Here's how Ali Larter describes "Cold Snap," the Tracy-centric episode written by Bryan Fuller: "Lots of water, lots of water. We did an incredible episode that Greg Yaitanes shot and that Bryan Fuller wrote. It's his first episode back. It's just so complex. It's so compelling, and he really has come up with another interesting power-another interesting way to understand what these characters are going through." Does this mean Larter is playing another new character, like the mysterious Barbara? [E! Online]

The title of episode 3x22, "1961," is linked to the fact that Primatech Paper was founded in 1962, and it'll stick pretty close to what the graphic novels have revealed, say the producers. And young Angela Petrelli will be played by the uber-cute Alexa Nikolas. Also, in that episode we'll learn more about the reasons for the Hunter's hatred for people with abilities.

Danny Pine is really dead. The final encounter between Peter and Sylar at the end of "Fugitives" has nothing to do with the Washington, DC bomb. Mohinder has some soul-searching to do about the fact that he's such a strong personality, but never takes responsibility for his own actions. "Cold Snap" will reveal more about Angela's motivations. [CBR via The ODI]

Apparently Sylar's dad has cancer. And we'll find out in "Cold Snap" who Rebel is. [The ODI]

And here's a clip from Monday's episode:


New deets about the guest star you're waiting for. Here's the synopsis for 2x18, "Chuck Vs. The Broken Heart":

When Chuck (Zachary Levi) expresses his feelings about his complicated relationship with Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski), a heartless female agent named Alex Forrest (guest star Tricia Helfer) is sent to evaluate Sarah's performance as Chuck's handler. Morgan (Joshua Gomez), Jeff (Scott Krinsky) and Lester (Vik Sahay) try to weasel their way into getting invited to Awesome's (Ryan McPartlin) bachelor party.

[Chuck TV]


Turns out Sam and Armie "I was almost Batman" Hammer aren't the Devil's only offspring. He's sown his seed all over the planet, but most of his kids have been a major, major disappointment. Especially in the "take over the planet, turn everyone evil" department. [Zap2It]

And here are some season two behind the scenes pics. [SpoilerTV]