People always ask if spy-computer-brain show Chuck is really science fiction, so we asked producer Chris Fedak if the show would delve into its science-fiction trappings a bit more. Luckily for us, he said yes.

At the Chuck roundtable interviews at Wondercon, Fedak told us we'll see "more of the scifi side" of Chuck. In the recent episode "Chuck Vs. The Suburbs," you saw a bit more of the "scifi underpinnings of the show," including the secrets of the Intersect, the super-spy database that's downloaded into Chuck's head. "That kind of rabbit hole, and that kind of mythology of how it works, we'll be getting further into it," said Fedak.

The show was always intended to be sort of "a quarterlife crisis" show with espionage and action and zany comedy, said Fedak. The show doesn't have a third-season pickup yet, but Fedak and co-producer Josh Schwartz feel good about its prospects.

They showed a reel of scenes from the rest of the season, and it included tons and tons of Yvonne Strahovski kicking ass in her underwear, lots of bondage and fighting, and Chuck squealing like a little girl. And what looked like a pole-dancing Tricia Helfer! And there are hints that evil spy organization Fulcrum is getting a lot closer to figuring out Chuck's secret.

Chuck tries to track down his father and just gets his envelopes returned to sender. He says something to Sarah about how the U.S. government has hurt everyone he loves, and Sarah says maybe the government should help him for a change. So Sarah helps him track down his dad (Scott Bakula), who's sort of a crazy trailer guy. Chuck brings his dad home, and Chuck's sister Ellie is upset, and says "I thought you were just going for pancakes!" Chuck tells Ellie that their dad is all they have left, and maybe they should try to make it work with him.

Later, we saw some glimpses of Chevy Chase, playing the evil mogul who's a rival to Chuck's dad, as well as - wait for it - a Fulcrum heavy. Bakula says, "Please, he's my son." "Congratulations!" says Chase. "Kill his son now."

Other stuff we learned about at the Chuck roundtables and panel:

Y The Last Man: The Y The Last Man poster in Chuck's bedroom was supposed to be there in season one, but it took a year to get clearance for it. Everything in Chuck's bedroom is a clearance nightmare, said Fedak and star Zachary Levi. Levi found out about that series when a woman told him that he was the only person she could see starring in it, and he started reading it and became a huge fan. (And apparently, there's an internet campaign to cast Levi as Yorick in the movie.)

The series finale includes Bakula, Chase, Morgan Fairchild and Bruce Boxleitner. And as you've heard, it's a "game changer" that sets up a very different status quo for season three, if one happens.

There are actually two weddings towards the end of this season, not just one. (My money's on Morgan's mom.) And there are crazy twists and turns and stuff.

The economy is going to hit the Buy More, but it doesn't sound like the store will go under. But you may be seeing some people downsized from other, better jobs, coming to work at the Buy More because it's all that's left.

Zachary Levi enjoys getting his ass kicked by Yvonne Strahovski. That started back in the first season, when they were filming a promo where Sarah teaches Chuck some martial arts, and she's supposed to twist his arm or something. It wasn't gelling, so Levi suggested Strahovski slap him instead. They had to do 20 takes of that slap but it was still worth it because it was funny. Thus was born the tradition of Strahovski kicking Levi's ass, which Levi likes. "It's very satisfying for me too," says Strahovski.