In the Marvel Ultimates comic book, Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD was remodeled to tribute Samuel Jackson. So in a surprise appearance in the closing credits of last year’s Iron Man, fans were giddy to find out that Samuel L Jackson was playing the part literally drawn for him. Since then it has been up in the air as to his return, but now that the dust has settled, Sam Jackson has himself a NINE movie deal to play the character.

MovieWeb offers:

While the casting uncertainties continue to mount around certain Marvel Studios films, it seems they’ve locked in one actor for a very long haul. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Samuel L. Jackson has inked an unprecedented nine-picture deal with Marvel Studios to portray Nick Fury.

Now as unprecedented as this may be, it isn’t like they are signing a deal for Nine Nick Fury films. Just that as the character seems to be making the rounds in all Marvel films dropping hints to the Avenger Initiative, when Nick Fury shows his face, that face will be Jackson.

Eventually this scattered cameo rampage might build into some involvement in the Avengers movie and climax in a full fledged S.H.I.E.L.D Movie, and if it does, Jackson has the papers to say they use him.

I like the consistency, and I love the mounting excitement they are bringing with their films. Crossing over the characters really unites them as one world, and one team. And when that one team assembles, I hope it is a big event. Then the lesser knowns can have their own films etc… The possibilities are endless.

And yes. DC/WB is paying attention.