One change from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' graphic novel unnerved actor Jackie Earle Haley:

Haley, who plays the uncompromising crime fighter Rorschach, says he was thrown off by how the film amps up the violence from the comic, particularly a scene in which he hacks a criminal to death. "Zack makes it all very realistic," Haley says. "For that scene, he got a dummy that weighed and felt like a real guy. I got a twinge, hacking away on him. But that's why fans love him. He doesn't back down."

[USA Today]

Iron Man 2:

Corona Coming Attractions had another casting call, which overlapped with the one SpoilerTV had the other day. Besides the Mongolian gangsters, dashing older man and hot brunette, there's a French waiter, with a Monaco accent, in his thirties. And various Russian guards, and various technicians. So I'm getting a Eurasian vibe here. And these parts must be filled by April. [Corona Coming Attractions]

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen:

Michael Bay talked to the Transformers Collectors Club about his new movie: the film explores a lot of aspects of the mythos that hadn't been explored before. It's a coming-of-age story for Sam, but there's also way more robot-on-robot interaction, and we delve deeper into the robots' personalities. And there's so much more to the film than you've seen in the previews — you haven't seen any of the "money shots" yet. He spoke of the various explosions in the film with undisguised glee. [IESB]

Doctor Who:

The show is filming in Cardiff again. (Yay!) And our super hero, Scooty, got some amazing pics of the shooting. In one scene in a rock quarry, the TARDIS is all lit up, and there are some flames, with what appears to be a robot running through them.

And then in another scene in that same quarry, there's a huge explosion that causes a massive mushroom cloud — apparently it was so big it knocked the camera out of Scooty's hands. And a figure (David Tennant and/or his stunt double, at various times) wearing a spacesuit similar to the Doctor's orange suit from "The Satan Pit," runs away from the explosion. He gets thrown up in the air (courtesy of a trampoline) and lands (on a mat). Then he wakes up and runs away from something on a greenscreen. (There's speculation that that red, sandy area could double as Mars.) More pics at both links. [Doctor Who Forum and Planet Gallifrey. Thanks so much Scooty!]


We won't find out why Ben is bloodied, what Kate did with Aaron, why Sayid is cuffed or how Hurley got free until mid-March. (The show is off until March 12 after tonight's episode.) [TV Guide]


Here are some new behind-the-scenes featurettes. Apparently Echo gets to be a gun-runner at some point.


Here's what happens in episodes 3x19 and 3x20:

3x19: When Sylar comes face-to-face with his long lost father, the reunion proves to be what he least expected. Elsewhere, after receiving a tip from "Rebel," Claire must decide if she will help her sworn enemy, Eric Doyle, evade capture. Meanwhile, as "The Hunter" plans to uncover the Petrelli family's secrets and take control of Nathan's operation, Matt finds himself in the spotlight and on the verge of leveling Capitol Hill.

3x20: HRG convinces Emile Danko, a.k.a. "The Hunter", to release Tracy from "Building 26," in hopes that she will lead them to "Rebel." As Angela evades capture, she turns to an old friend for help. In Los Angeles, Hiro and Ando continue on their latest mission from "Rebel" to protect the newest hero.

[Heroes Television and Heroes Television]

Speaking of which, here are some pics of the Sylar family reunion from episode 3x19, "Shades Of Gray," and Claire's big kiss in next week's episode (3x18). [The ODI]

Also, the show's producers answered fan questions once again. We'll find out another use for Ando's powers by episode 3x20, and Hiro's new powers will be similar to his old powers. In the final episode of the season, Claire will have a talk about her immortality, and the possibility she'll stay young while everyone else ages and dies, with the one person who can understand. (Sylar?) Episode 3x20, "Cold Snap," is very Tracy-centric. Peter and Sylar will battle in the season finale, and we won't like how it turns out. (Personally, I'll be thrilled if Peter dies.) We'll find out about Adam's family and why he wanted that gold key, but it might take a while. [CBR via Heroes Television]