Iron Man 2:

Designer J. Michael Riva gave away what happens in the movie's very first scene: Tony Stark, wearing the Iron Man armor, throws up in a toilet. Is this the start of the "alcoholic Tony" storyline from Demon In A Bottle? (Actually, not sure if this is the opening scene of the movie, or just the first scene on his list of scenes needing props.) [NPR via CHUD and Cinematical]

This movie may not have any actual lead actors left, but it's still looking for a bunch of supporting roles. A new casting call has gone out for the roles of "Hot Brunette," "Mongolian Gangster," "French Waiter," "Russian Guards," "Technicians," and a handsome, intelligent and dynamic man in his 40s or 50s. [SpoilerTV]]

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen:

MTV had a little featurette about this movie as part of its quarterly "Spoilers" special, including super brief glimpses of explosions, and Shia LaBeouf's thoughts about where his character, Sam, is at now. (He just wants a normal life.) [MTV Movies]

Star Trek:

And here's MTV's featurette about Trek as well. Mostly notable because you glimpse a bit more of the bridge behind the actors as they're talking. And you get to see Spock smiling (while he's between takes) which is actually disconcerting. Supposedly there's new footage in here, but I haven't spotted any. [MTV]

Battlestar Galactica:

I feel like we've already reported this, but actor Tahmoh Penikett says the show's producers wanted to give his character, Helo, a predictable sendoff at the end of the series. And Penikett successfully fought to give Helo a more unexpected ending. Also, once again, people are saying Starbuck is the only character who gets no closure at the show's end. [Chicago Tribune]


The show is about to have a major gear change again, after next week's episode. Say producers Lindelof and Cuse:

We're trying to bridge this gap of what happened between the time the Oceanic 6 left The Island - and when John Locke left The Island - to when the Oceanic 6 decide to come back. The audience got a sneak peek of what the resolution to all this is last season, which is that Locke is going to die. We've seen him in the coffin. We know that his death triggered Jack to want to jump off a bridge and catalyzed him to get everyone back together to go to the island. Now we're bridging the remaining gaps. By the seventh episode of this year [i.e., by next week's episode, "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"], the audience will have all the pertinent data that bridges these events. And then we move into phase two of the season, and with phase two comes a new sense of sort of excitement and anxiety for us as writers because we're changing the game again.


Meanwhile, Lindelof and Cuse also say that it's purposefully ambiguous whom Claire's warnings about "You're not supposed to raise him" and "Don't you dare bring him back" refer to. It's "a very interesting theory" to say that they refer to Locke. Also, you'll be surprised by how Matthew Abaddon comes back in Wednesday's episode, and we'll understand his relationships to all the characters. [TV Guide]

And here are the Canadian and British trailers for Wednesday's episode.


One more character the reboot is looking to cast: Georgie, a charismatic mysterious leader of the anti-alien resistance, who drags Ryan (the secret Visitor) back into their old life. [SpoilerTV]


Star Eliza Dushku says the show really kicks into gear with the sixth episode, scripted by creator Joss Whedon. Joss' writerly voice comes through more fully from then on, and the show hits its groove more. Not that the first five eps are bad - they're just more standalone and newbie-friendly. [AV Club]

And here are some pics from episode five, "True Believer," the one where Echo becomes a blind cultist. I totally want James Callis to play the cult leader. [SpoilerTV]

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

Here are some awesome new photos for episode 2x17, "Ourselves Alone," and 2x18, "Today Is The Day Part 1." [Sarah Connor Society]

In an upcoming episode, says actor Richard T. Jones the newborn A.I. John Henry plays hide-and-seek with Catherine Weaver's traumatized daughter, but then he keeps information on her whereabouts from Agent Ellison — who gets so frustrated he almost unplugs the machine. Later, after John Henry gets out, Ellison has a debate with Sarah Connor. Ellison believes the machines can be taught to love humanity and not blow us up, Sarah believes there's only one solution to the machine problem. And Jones hints that Ellison turns into a Terminator (or gets duplicated by one) late in the season. (Although, we already saw a Terminator Ellison. So I'm not sure what he means.) [Sarah Connor Society]


The show's prop-master, James, Twittered a picture of Adrian Pasdar flying on-set, so it looks like Nathan will risk using his powers later in the season. [SpoilerTV]


There are a few casting pages for episode 8x20, "Beast." A detective wants to question Chloe about Davis Bloome. Chloe lies and says she hasn't seen Davis in weeks. She also says he's not her boyfriend. The detective says caring women like Chloe always fall for brutes like Davis, and think they can change them — but they can't. This freaks Chloe out. Meanwhile, Jimmy comes and disturbs Oliver Queen in the middle of a business discussion with a couple of Chinese businessmen, saying it's urgent. [SpoilerTV]