MTV revealed their “exclusive” look at the new title for the Twilight sequel New Moon.To me, it doesn’t look that much different from the original logo, except whomever is running Summit Entertainment’s photoshop department seems to have discovered either the “stroke” or “outer glow” effect to apply a hint of blood red to the logo.

For those of you that wondered why I made no reference to Madonna being in New Moon, a story that broke this week, that’s because it’s not true, thank God.

Also, it bothers me that we now find ourselves inside a “saga.” If you want, I will SPOIL the remaining Twilight movies/books for you after the cut, just to save you the time…

Twilight: Edward saves Bella’s life and kills James.

New Moon: Edward’s family almost kills Bella after she accidentally cuts herself. Edward’s family leaves town. Bella pals around with local boy Jacob Black who turns out to a werewolf. Edward has a change of heart and comes back.

Eclipse: New born vampires in Seattle are killing people. They come for Bella to get even with Edward for killing James in book one. Edwards family joins up with the werewolves and they kick ass.

Breaking Dawn: Edward and Bella get married. Bella gets pregnant and eventually gives birth to a half human half vampire girl. Edward turns Bella into a vampire. Jacob Black “imprints” and instinctively choses the baby girl as his future mate or life partner. Once again the vamps and werewolves join forces to fight the Voluturi, aka, the vampire rulers of the world who want to destroy Edward and Bellas baby because they view it as an abomination. During the fight Jacob Black dies to save Edwards life. Bella bites him and turns him into a vampire. They defeat the baddies and live happily together as a vampire family.