Bone claws!

That’s right, the first of Fox’s 3 Wolverine 60-second TV spots has hit. It’s called “Outcasts” and feature’s little-boy Logan who watches someone shoot someone, and one of those someones is his father? Then there’s also this dark-haired kid who could either be Sabertooth or Dog or Deadpool.

Deadpool, he says?

Yes, Deadpool. I hate to break it to y’all, but on top of my post called “Wolverine Reshoots Means More Deadpool?,” recent toy reveals have added an interesting Deadpool fact, which I will share along with the first television spot inside (Spoiler?)

Deadpool Bugle has discovered the X-Men Origins: Wolverine Super Hero Squad upcoming action figure set. Notice Deadpool doesn’t look like his Marvel Comics counterpart. Nor does his look like Ryan Reynolds. As a matter of fact, it looks like we get to see scarred Deadpool like we mentioned in the previous Deadpool post.

Oh, yeah, and he has spikes coming out of his arms. One spike on each arm technically. And since Wolverine and Deadpool are related through Weapon X with Wolverine’s healing factor, I suppose they could have given him some arm spikes for some damn reason.

Arm spikes/swords, doesn’t make a difference to most, but it’s little tweaks like this that are really going to piss off the fans, who have lots of buzz power.

Spot 1: