This weekend, we told you all about McG's isolated alien, darker Superman movie, but now the internet is a-buzz about a Wachowski Brothers reboot for the Man of Steel. Where does that leave Plastic Man?

An Ain't It Cool News tipper spilled the beans that James McTeigue, the second unit director for the rumored Wachowski Plastic Man movie may be taking full control over the film so the Watchowskis can focus on a WB Superman trilogy. According to AICN, "Bryan Singer has refused to undertake a re-boot of the Superman franchise and has left the Executives at WB with no choice but to take a fresh creative direction." And what a different direction that would be.

Seriously, I'm shocked. Aren't there 1,000 directors vying for this job? My brain can't even fathom what a Wachowski Superman would even look like. I was really excited for the Wachowski Plastic Man movie, as I thought they would really be the only directors to take the content seriously enough to make it fun and entertaining. If this rumor turns out to be real, they'd be giving up a passion project to pick up the pieces of a desperate to be rebooted, too-many-hands-in-the-pie franchise. Could they even pull off a more interesting Superman?

It's been a rough patch for the brothers, what with the beautiful-yet-unfortunately-written-and-executed Speed Racer. So from that perspective, this may make the two step things up to reclaim their nerd credit, but I just can't see them diving into a project with this many people involved and leaving Plastic Man behind. Still, if anyone is going to get me at least re-interested in this project, dropping Singer and adding the Watchowskis is probably the way to go.

And where does this all leave Bryan Singer? Why he's moving onto the Logan's Run movie. Which means - if there rumors are true - then we are most certainly getting a Plastic Man, Logan's Run and Watchowski Superman reboot.