Here's a detail from an exclusive image, showing Doctor Manhattan disintegrating the patrons at Moloch's bar. It's just a taste of the new book Watchmen: The Film Companion. Check out the whole thing below.

This awesome-looking scene, where Dr. Manhattan visits Moloch's "vice den" and vaporizes the patrons, circa 1960, occurs as part of a montage after journalists confront Dr. Manhattan and accuse him of having caused some of his friends and coworkers to die of cancer. Manhattan retreats to Mars and thinks back on his life, including courting Janey Slater, getting disintegrated in his intrinsic field-test chamber, reassembling in the cafeteria, and then this little moment at Moloch's dive.

Watchmen: The Film Companion features interviews with the cast and crew, and scores of new images from the film. According to Titan Books, it's "the comprehensive guide to the new movie event," and we'll be reviewing it soon. Meanwhile, you can get a bigger version of the above image here:

Separately, a few other new stills came out recently. EW had a new image showing Rorschach using his grappling hook, from the start of the film. (You can see a bigger version over at EW.) And SpoilerTV found a couple of images of the movie's sign-waving prophet of doom.

[Watchmen stills from EW and Movies Spoilers]