Self-mutilated gender-confused antagonists who happen to be related to perverse double-jointed supervillains? It can only beGail Simone's morally dubious DC Comics series Secret Six. 

The official solicitation for this week's issue reads:

This is the big one! After Junior's horrifying unmasking last issue, the bruised and battered remnants of the Secret Six try to deliver their package to their mysterious benefactor in Gotham City, a city made even more dangerous by the notable absence of Batman. The only problem is a crowd of villains and heroes determined to block them every step of the way!

What those of you unfamiliar with the series need to know is very simple, though; the Secret Six are a group of former supervillain mercenaries who are all relatively messed up, and led by Catman. Who is awesome. Yes, he's called Catman. Get over it.

Secret Six #6 hits stores on Wednesday.

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