Today's newy released Star Trek teaser trailer didn't reveal any major trailer didn't reveal any major plot twists, but it gave us a few more pieces of James Kirk's journey from scumbag to super-Captain. Screencaps and spoilers galore, below.

A figure moves through a snowy wasteland. Is it Bruce Banner, seeking the escape from his burden as the Hulk that only a bullet can give him?
No! It's James Kirk, wandering on some ice planet, probably in a Starfleet training exercise.And here's Kirk's barfight with a group of Starfleet cadets. At this point in the movie, Kirk isn't in Starfleet at all, he's just an aimless young dude. He comes to a cadet bar and hits on Uhura, and this riles up some cadets. Is Kirk hitting this guy with a bottle? Note all the liquid flying everywhere. That's going to hurt in the morning.

And so is that! One of the cadets gets a good whack upside Kirk's head. Note the weird thing to the right. Jukebox? Future video game?
And Kirk hits a table. Possibly not getting up for a while.
The bruised and bloody Kirk gets a talking to...
...from Christopher Pike, captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise.
It's future San Francisco! I can only imagine how insane property values are by this point.
We've already seen a still image of this moment — McCoy introduces himself to Kirk on a Starfleet shuttle.
And is Kirk drinking on a Starfleet shuttle? Looks like he smuggled a flask on board. Kirk, you dog.
Back on the ice planet — another scene we'd glimpsed in the stills. Kirk climbs up an icy cliff, with a crashed Enterprise shuttle below him.
The Enterprise flying at warp speed — and firing phasers!
More of Sulu's swordfight against a Romulan, who looks like he's using some kind of Romulan mace against Sulu's rapier. This was in the earlier trailer, but I think we get a couple seconds more. They're on the Romulans' evil orbital platform.
Enroll in Starfleet Academy! A beautiful campus with three acres of lush grounds. Oh, but it looks like someone's shooting at it, from space.

Back in the bar again — young Kirk trying to pick up Uhura. And he would have gotten away with it, if it hadn't been for those cadets.
Kirk may be a green cadet, but he's already scoring with the green ladies. (Thanks, ThisDudeRufus!)
One of the big set pieces shown to journalists involves Kirk, Sulu and Enterprise Chief Engineer Olsen skydiving onto the Romulans' orbital platform, which is drilling to the center of Vulcan.
Kirk pulls the release lever — which looks very old school.
And they're away! Notice that Olsen is wearing a red outfit. This is an important indicator of his fate during this skydiving sequence.
More of the falling bodies.
Kirk is enjoying the heck out of this.
A room somewhere explodes — maybe on Vulcan?
The Romulans' orbital platform drops its drill thingy towards Vulcan.
Kirk in command, on the Enterprise bridge. He's still wearing his black cadet shirt at this point.