I'm glad I live in an era and culture where this is a conversation (paraphrased): Man 1: "Regarding that film you're making in which robots transform into cars, trucks, jets and such--will any of the robots transform into a dinosaur?" Man 2: "That's a logical question to ask, and the answer is no--though we did consider it. It just seemed like it would be too much." MTV caught up with Simon Furman, a consultant on Michael Bay's first and second Transformers adaptations, and asked him about the presence of Dinobots in Revenge of the Fallen, to which he replied:
“I think that possibility was raised briefly and fairly comprehensively shot down. Much as I love the Dinobots, I’m glad. The movie-verse feels quite different to me, with its own audience and far more rooted in the real world, and Dinobots wouldn’t necessarily be a great fit. Sure, if they could come up with an appropriate rationale and integral reason for them being in there, fine, but it’d need to be good, otherwise it would all start to verge on the kitsch."
I can't believe this. This is perhaps the most disappointing news I've had to read since they weren't able to make Megatron into the gigantic gun that would blow Optimus Prime to smithereens. I guess we can't have everything after all.