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Spider-Man and the X-Men might get some time together on the big screen. That's acfording to the post-credits "stinger" at the end of Amazing Spider-Man 2 where it featured Mystique.  Read more
MOVIE NEWS    Apr 17, 2014 11:56
The folks at Screen Junkies are back and they have an honest trailer for "The Wolf of Wall Street". The film has been plague with much bad luck. From not winning best actor to best show and even placed under the comedy category in the Golden Globes, its producers are also being investigated for illegally funding the movie from ill-gotten funds. But those things aren't in the honest trailer. Check it out below:  Read more
MOVIE NEWS  Apr 17, 2014 09:00
You might as well call this film 'Wolverine, Starring in X-Men', because nearly half the trailer has shots of him in it. This is the last trailer before the movie comes out, so soak all your excitement in this one, right now, after the jump.  Read more
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