Like so many films, you've probably seen the best parts already (in trailers). But by any review whatsoever, this film is not a bad film as to the way I'm skewing myself to make it seem like it is.

For those worried Death Race will in some way tarnish the legacy of the 1975 original, don't worry. If you can even classify Death Race 2000's existence as a "legacy" this will only bring it more attention as some folks may be interested to see what Sylvester Stallone looked like as he raced across country in a car race in which pedestrians are run down for points on the way to the finish line.

Convicts, led by Jason Statham and Tyrese Gibson, have the opportunity to win five races and earn their freedom back in a penitentiary system run by corporations in the near future. The plotline is a loose one and not a lot of time is spent on set up and rightly so, this isn't a film concerned with facts, it's focused on violent killings. Only problem is that none of it comes as a surprise as every impactful heavy hit was already teased in any one of the trailers shown online, on television or in theaters therefore ruining any kind of real theater experience.

Some advice? Don't watch trailers next time if you aren't going in blind.

Bottomline, Death Race's violence rate is impressive, because if you're not much of a words kind of guy, then go right ahead.