I was skeptical when I first saw the trailer for Wall-E. Sure, a no dialogue film is what I need these days especially since most blockbuster movies tend not to have anything smart for that matter. Instead, I was entertained, glued to my seat as Wall-E did more than cutesy acts of a robot developing somewhat of a conscience.

A soul is just what earthbound robotic garbage laborer WALL-E seems to have developed over a 700 year period.  Mankind abandoned the former green planet nearly a millenia ago due to a build up of garbage and the only speck of life left on this rock is a Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class droid aka WALL-E.  Though the Earth is now literally a wasteland, WALL-E is pretty good at his job, gathering bits of garbage, compressing it into small cubes and stacking them to levels taller than skyscrapers.  In fact amongst the ruins of the abandoned cities are colossal columns of garbage stacked by WALL-E that are just as tall.

Over the centuries he's developed something rather unexpected for a drone worker: a personality.  With a pet cockroach as his only living friend, WALL-E not only gathers garbage amongst the canyons of trash, but collects it; keeping occasional artifacts like a cigarette lighter, light bulb or woman's brassiere and storing it amongst the archive he keeps in his garbage truck/home.  With a personality comes emotions and WALL-E is beginning to discover that he is in fact lonely.  His only reference to study the emotional attachment between humans is a worn out video tape of the musical 'Hello Dolly" whose songs he knows very well.

After 700 years things are about to phenomenally change with the arrival of an alien probe droid.

Just when this duo are beginning to grow close, EVE is suddenly scooped up by her mother-ship which blasts her away to the heavens.  So what does a lonely guy like WALL-E do after he believes he may have just found the one?  Why he hitches a ride of course and discovers that Eve's origins are not alien, but a group of humans living on a luxury liner in space.  Mankind has no idea that the Earth may be able to once again sustain life and the key lies in WALL-E's simple discovery of a tiny plant.

Despite the romantic element, there's adventure to be found in the film as WALL-E finds himself racing from security robots, flushed down a garbage compactor, ejected in an escape pod or running his hand through the rings of Saturn as he glides through space.

To cut the story short, Wall-E inadvertently becomes the hero of the show and everyone returns to Earth. Its perhaps one of the better Pixar shows, at least, watchable. he film is filled with beautiful imagery that not only helps tell the story, but remains in your mind's eye long after its over.  This is not the average kiddie flick that attempts to manipulate you because their is such sincerity and sweetness behind its intentions.  It's great science-fiction, spectacular excitement and an emotional journey, but if I were to sum it up in one word it would be "EXTRAORDINAR-E!"