The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor about our now retired O’Connell husband and wife team of Rick (Brendan Fraser) and Evelyn (Maria Bello), bored to death living off of their previous adventures spoils. They’re forced back into action when their son Alex (Luke Ford) discovers the tomb of the ancient Dragon Emperor (Jet Li). With the aid of brother Jonathan (John Hannah), Zi Juan (Michelle Yeoh), and Lin (Isabella Leong) the O’Connell’s are back in action on another adventure.

The other actors were fine, John Hannah has his character down pat and Brendan of course, does a good job. But when Maria speaks her lines in that faux British accent I wanted to punch a fat person. Actually, I want to punch a fat person anyway because it seems like they are really soft and absorbent. Jet Li seems to be finding new life playing the bad guy again and it’s a role that makes him more enjoyable to watch on screen if he’s not going to play a role like in Fist of Legend anymore.

The location's pretty cool, and the entire setup has me going wild. Understandably this is to offset the lack of meaningful or witty dialogue. But seriously, if you're watching this show to somewhat gain some intellectual experience or mind jacking off sort of thing, you're probably better off watching something like Juno.

Nevertheless, Brenden Fraser always somehow manages to make something out of nothing. Yeah. Blockbuster.