I can't remember the last time Eddie Murphy had a good performance.

The promos for this flick may look completely silly, but this comedy does have more good elements than bad.  Murphy plays not just an alien spacecraft built in the guise and proportions of a human being, but it's quarter inch tall Captain who commands an entire crew living and working within.  After traveling across the stars and landing (face first) on Liberty Island, their mission is to locate a small orb sent to drain the salt from Earth's oceans to be used as a power source for their dying world. 

Murphy the ship may look like a human in a Saturday Night Fever suit, but his behavior is robotic and quite alien.  He should blend in rather nicely in New York where he encounters single mother Elizabeth Banks who not only hits him with her car, but her son (Austin Lynd Myers) coincidentally has the orb in his possession. Murphy the Captain controls the ship's speech and facial expressions from the deck of a bridge within the head while various crew members work the limbs and torso at key stations.  Banks, a widower,  is either clueless or desperate to meet a man since she never picks up on the fact that this guy acts a little weird.  That fact that he calls himself "Dave Ming-Chang" apparently wasn't big enough a clue.

The story misses several opportunities starting with the relationship between Banks and Murphy the ship aka "Dave".  I though this was going to be a film where Dave the ship would become self aware and fall in love with Banks against the orders of its internal crew, but this is not the case.  Rest assured if he were a white male it would be another story.

Murphy is not really funny as the ship.  Writers Rob Greenberg and Bill Corbett attempt to milk humor from Dave through various encounters with Banks and her son as well as customers at an Old Navy store during a scene where he attempts to shop for a new wardrobe.  So many opportunities are wasted.  With Dave as the "straight man" there are so many hilarious situations and encounters he could have been thrust into.  Imagine if he ventured away from Times Square towards maybe Harlem and encountered black residents who could have asked "Brother, why the hell do you talk like that?"

Bottom line is, if you don't want to stress your brain up this one's as an easy swing.