George is a very successful stand-up comedian with less than a year to live who learnt to accept his approaching death. One night, after performing his show in a pub, he notices Ira, a not so successful comedian.

George hires Ira to be his personal assistant but instead they become friends. After believing for a long time that he’s going to die, the doctor tells him one day that he’s cured. In the light of that news, George decides to get the girl he’s in love and has been for a long time, but who is married with another guy (an Australian) and has two little girls.

Ira tries to persuade George not to get involved in such a messy business, but he’s determined “to save” her from a life of unhappiness and monotony. The guy is not for her - he knows it.

Will he get what he wants after all?

Release Date: July 31st, 2009

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Cast: Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, Leslie Mann

Director: Judd Apatow