Poppy is a typical spoiled brat living a luxury life, and annoying everybody with her attitude, including her family. After her father is finally fed up with her behavior and her pranks, he decides to ship her off to and English boarding school, just to get her off of his hair.

Poppy realizes that her brat behavior will only get her in trouble here, but she cannot conform to the strict rules of the boarding school and decides that she has to get expelled in order to return home. With the help of some girls, Poppy puts her plan to get expelled into practice, but doesn’t manage to get expelled after all.

One plan might work after all: seducing the headmistress’ son, Freddy. But somehow she gets caught up in her own game, falling for Freddy and she doesn’t want to live anymore.

Release Date: May 8th, 2009

Genre: Comedy, Teen

Cast: Emma Roberts, Lexi Ainsworth, Shelby Young

Director: Nick Moore