Rick Marshall, a scientist, writes a book in which he develops a new theory about the existence time warps, phenomena which can produce time and space travels.

Of course, the entire scientific community considers him to be mad, but, while he’s chasing one of these phenomena, he and his team are about to live the adventure of their lives and be transported to another universe. They discover the inhabitants of this mysterious universe: lizard people, monkey people, giant bugs and dinosaurs, and make friends with a seemingly intelligent primate.

After the shock and the thrill of their discovery, they realize that they have to find a way to survive in this unfriendly environment relying only on their skills and instincts, with only rudimentary equipment, and, what’s most difficult, find a way to get back to their time. Will they be able to survive in this wild universe and get back home safe and sound?

Release Date: June the 5th 2009

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Action

Cast: Will ferrell, Danny McBride

Director: Brad Silberling