This documentary recounts the life of the highly influential but not very popular Richard Berkowitz, a man who revolutionized sex, by promoting safer sex with fewer partners as a means to avoid the spreading of AIDS epidemic, especially among gay people.

In the 80s, Richard Berkowitz, his friend Michael Callen, and Stephen Sonnabend, a controversial AIDS scientist and virologist, begin a campaign of warning and informing people from gay communities about the dangers of unprotected anal sex. At that time the HIV virus wasn’t that well-known and gay people didn’t pay too much attention to their efforts, although many gay people were dying of AIDS.

Now HIV-positive, destitute and forgotten, Berkowits tells his story about love, death, betrayal and sex, from the perspective of a 50-year-old gay man who tried to make a difference in an indifferent world.

Release Date: March the 13th, 2009

Genre: Documentary

Cast: Richard Berkowitz, Don Adler, Larry Kramer

Director: Daryl Wein