Science: Online Dating Is Bullsh*t

Bad news for online dating goers. According to Smart Scientists its all a bunch of hocus pocus. The good news is it still sort of works by accident, and might cause sex!

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Reaching out your maximum potential as a developer and a dot NET specialist requires time and persistence. There are some principles that will help modern dedicated dot NET developers to become more successful and in-demand, and in this article, you will learn about the top 5 of them.        1. Education  Read more
TECH NEWS  Mar 01, 2019 11:49
Whenever we open some e-commerce site, we always find a search box in it. Have you ever wondered how it works and how it provides benefits to the merchant operating that particular site? It is not helpful for the business owner but customers also get benefits through the search box. This is because he can easily find the product result, he is looking for and then saves his time in searching for the relevant product. Therefore, once the product is displayed, he checks and places the order.   Read more
TECH NEWS  Feb 27, 2019 20:18
POS (point of sale) systems are used throughout retail and restaurant industries in the United States. They are a computerized system that allows business owners and operators to track cash flow, sales, and food inventories. This helps to simplify the bookkeeping and accounting facets of running a business.  Read more
TECH NEWS  Feb 27, 2019 17:28
Technology has been expanding and even dissolving many different kinds of barriers which were previously confining the growth and profits of various businesses, even of ones that operate in landscapes which are seemingly out of technology’s reach. We keep seeing more and more cases of innovations in the digital world translating into very tangible and financial benefits in the physical world of business.  Read more
TECH NEWS  Feb 27, 2019 14:05
If you haven’t heard of USDT or Tether, then take a minute to understand what Tether is. Tether is essentially a cryptocurrency built on the bitcoin blockchain. Founded by a Hong-Kong based company, Tether Limited, Tether acts as an anchor or tether to fiat currencies. What that means is 1 USD is nearly equal to 1 Tether.   Read more
TECH NEWS  Mar 02, 2019 18:10

Urea, which is also known as carbamide, is an organic compound that is colorless, odorless and highly soluble in water. It is synthesized naturally by all mammals and some fish as the main nitrogenous end product of the metabolic breakdown of proteins.   Read more
TECH NEWS  Feb 26, 2019 15:46
The available platform of League of Legends can become a great pleasure for everyone. However, for those who are more fanatical, traditional options usually stop being enough. Don’t worry, if this is your case, it does not have to be a problem since it is already possible to find PBE accounts in League of Legends quickly and very cheaply.  Read more
TECH NEWS  Feb 23, 2019 18:25
For the world traveller, life doesn’t function the way it does for everyone else. Your bags function as your wardrobe, storage closet, bathroom cabinet and office. When you’re on the go there are so many essentials you need to have to make sure you never find yourself inconvenienced. You want to make sure you constantly look and feel good. This is especially important for people who work while they travel. Tech isn’t just a matter of convenience, it’s a matter of survival.   Read more
TECH NEWS  Feb 23, 2019 18:00
Full Color Posters Printed For Your Business

Full color poster printing is essential for businesses that must market themselves locally. You could use 4 color poster printing for your events, and you might have these posters printed for event at your school. Anyone can create a professional poster, and you might make something that looks collectible. There are a few steps to the process listed below, and you can create a marketing program for your business or your event.   Read more
TECH NEWS  Feb 19, 2019 16:06
There are many reasons why software development projects fail - over 30% of projects fold before completion, and over 50% will cost double than what was initially anticipated.  Read more
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