We can tell that Barney Stinson makes a lot of money in How I Met Your Mother. The suits and the apartment he lives in is a giveaway but just how much does he make a year? One Redditor decided to take the time to figure out his annual salary based on the number of suits he owned.  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Mar 04, 2015 13:59
Having a crush on someone feels great. The feeling of 'butterflies in your stomach' is caused by the release of adrenalin, which causes all kinds of nervousness and excitement. Sometimes, this feeling causes you to freeze up, and not getting the courage to act on your feelings for someone.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Mar 04, 2015 13:51
Tattoo coverups are meant to mask whatever mistake you made when you were younger and when you were not thinking. But some coverups are just plain worse. Here are 20 examples of coverups gone wrong:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Mar 04, 2015 13:41
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