Ted 2 Has a Trailer Now Jan 31, 2015
Just when you thought there was only one kind of Ah Lian, but as it turns out according to this video, there are a total of 17! Are you familiar with all of them? Check out the video below.  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Jan 31, 2015 09:11
Here's a must see video for all and it involves saving a choking baby. Actors and comedians get together and lend their voice to this new campaign. Check it out after the jump:  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Jan 31, 2015 09:09
Here's something old phones can do that new phones can't: play some Jason Mraz! Watch as these two guys masterfully use their keypads to make the tunes to 'I'm yours.'  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jan 31, 2015 09:08
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