Newborn babies don't have good eyesight at first. It's all still developing. So what do they see exactly? A new study published in the Journal of Vision used looping videos to determine just what and how much can they see.  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Jul 04, 2015 13:55
If you didn't already know, Ashley Benson and bikinis get along like a house on fire. Here are some of the hottest Instagrams coming from the actress, who's also quite a social media star herself. Check it out below:  Read more
LIFESTYLE    Jul 04, 2015 13:55
Like cola? Like unagi? What if you put the two together? Would it taste good? Here's Japan's latest innovation: grilled eel soda. Made by Kimura Inryou, they are first famous for unagi, but they plan to diversify and add this product 21st July onwards:  Read more
LIFESTYLE  Jul 04, 2015 13:55
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