Everyone loves a good viral app, and this one is making the rounds: Microsoft's 'How Old Do I Look' app. The software giant's latest analysis tool How-Old.net lets you upload a photo and analyzes how old you look. Here's how old it thought some Marvel characters were:  Read more
LIFESTYLE    May 04, 2015 13:58
Kendall Jenner is no stranger to posting up nude shots of herself, as well as posing in the nude for magazines and advertising campaigns. Further the fact that she's also part of the Kardashian clan, this shouldn't come as a surprise.  Read more
LIFESTYLE  May 04, 2015 13:33
This sounds like something you never ever hear of happening, but it is real. YouTube star Cassandra Bankson recently discovered that she has not one, but two vaginas. How is that anatomically possible?  Read more
LIFESTYLE  May 04, 2015 13:25
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