Despite repeated talks of a ceasefire and an agreement that President Ali Abdullah Saleh will step down, the threat of a civil war continues to loom over the countries this week.

CNN has reported that 300 Islamic militants and Al-Qaeda men have seized the coastal town of Zinjibar, taking over everything on Friday. Al-Qaeda had captured the town of Jaar earlier this spring. Meanwhile, the Yemeni opposition has accused the government of staging the conflict as an excuse to stay in power. Egypt's Al Masry Al Youm reported that local security official have learned of French aid workers going missing over the weekend, whom speculated to have been kidnapped.

Meanwhile in the capital of Sanaa, talk of a ceasefire between government and tribal forces evaporated quickly. A government spokesman reportedly told CNN:
""Government buildings are still in the hands of the al-Ahmar family, which makes it impossible to reach an agreement with them at the current situation. They must first hand over governmental property."
The aforementioned al-Ahmar family rose up against the government last week, leading battles that left at least 115 dead.