pic via CNN

As the devastation of the 6.3 magnitude quake takes its toll on Christchurch, New Zealand, rescue teams rush to search for survivors. The earthquake has already killed scores of people, damaged buildings and toppling them, and leaving a few with not so much hope trapped beneath piles of concrete.

According to CNN:

"Significant numbers of people" were trapped inside two downtown buildings that "suffered major collapse," the statement read. "Police are also aware of there being a number of deceased people in both buildings."

And other reports are saying that some rescue workers are abandoning a bid to recover victims from CTV (Canterbury Television) building, saying that the damage to the structure would make it impossible to survive.
"The CTV had a number of overseas students in it," said police operation commander Dave Lowry. "We don't believe the site is now survivable. The premises have deteriorated over the period of the rescue to the stage where we now feel it could collapse."
More than 400 rescue workers are joining the search, amongst them are from Taiwan to the US. The Salvation army is accepting donations online. AP reports:
"'here are bodies littering the streets, they are trapped in cars, crushed under rubble and where they are clearly deceased our focus ... has turned to the living," police Superintendent Russell Gibson said.