Ready for another version of the iPad? Looks like its happening sooner than you think! Apple will hold its iPad 2 launch this Wednesday March 2.

With Steve Jobs out on medical leave it will be interesting to see who makes the presentation. The release of the next iPad will be critical to its success, considering so many more manufacturers are in the fray already.

Kara Swisher of All Things D writes that “multiple sources” say the iPad 2 is coming and will be announced and demoed at this event.

The iPad 2 might come in three different versions with different connectivity — including a Verizon version that won’t require a MiFi card. Here are some of the rumors:

The iPad 2 might have front- and rear-facing cameras.
The iPad 2 will be slimmer, lighter and support Retina Display.
The iPad 2 might have a dual-core CPU and/or GPU.
The iPad 2 will have a non-smudge screen and a gyroscope.