It often happens that relationships go through some trying times when both partners are not sure whether their feelings are mutual or not. On the one hand, this period is joyful, while on the other hand, it is emotionally difficult. We asked our peers, single girls, about their opinion.

However, sooner or later your relationships will face the moment when you feel relaxed and more confident. Both of you will feel that you are serious about each other. Of course, many things may remain uncertain, but, in general, you will understand the current status of your couple.This is when the relationships become serious.

Fortunately, there is no need to guesswhether your man is serious about you or not. Consider the following facts and you will notice all the signs immediately.

1.    He agrees upon the plans for the weekend with you.

Even though you are not going to spend the weekend together, he is still interested in what you are going to do, because he cares about you. Your wish is a priority for him.

2.    He often looks into your eyes.

Once a man is in love, he cannot take his eyes off his beloved woman. If you have noticed that your new fellow looks at you stealthily and cannot take his eyes off you for a long time, he simply wants this relationship to work out and wonders if your wishes are mutual.

3.    He wants to know more about you.

As a rule, at the beginning of the relationship, both men and women do not tell a lot about themselves and prefer to speak on some general topics. However, if a man decides to go into aserious relationship with you, he will try to learn everything about you. Besides, all the questions on this matter will sound sincere. In some time, you will notice that he remembers everything you told him.

4.    He wants to touch you.

In case if a man is interested in you as a woman, he is likely to touch you unintentionally.Such gestures as shaking hands, moving your curl, holding your hand, while going down the stairs, seems common, but in fact, they mean that he likes you physically.

5.    He introduces you to his friends.

Men love to show off in front of their friends. Moreover, new cars, sports devices or other precious stuff are not the only things they make a great display off. If a man introduces you to his friends, he wants to build a long-lasting relationship with you. It does not matter what stage are your relationships at – if a man insists on your familiarity with his company, he is serious about you.

6.    He introduces you to his family.

If your partner is calling you to have a dinner with his parents, the seriousness of his intentions is out of the question. The desire to introduce a girl tohis parents or family will never occur spontaneously. He hopes that you will also become a member of his familysoon.

7.    He does not need a reason to contact you.

Women believe that if a man does not call them, it is all because of their modesty. In fact, a man in love will terrorize you with calls and SMS to make sure that you are fine and you do not spend your time with another man.

8.    He turns into a jealous man.

If your man asksyou to change your circle of friends, the intention is to find out if you have more than friendly feelingsfor anyone. This is the first sign. Usually, it is difficult to control the feeling if you are truly in love.

9.    He easily takes the middle path.

He will try to please you in any possible way if he is in love with you. He will easily give up a concert of his favorite bandwhen finds out that you are ill. He will definitely visit you and bring a basket of fruits and some medicines. When men are in love they transform into true altruists, doing all their best to win the object of their passion.

10.    He cannot be mad at you.

People tend to make mistakes. We may forget about a promise and offend a person we love. However, if a man is really in love, he cannot be mad at you. And even if you will be ashamed of what you’ve done, the man will justify you, because you are perfect for him.