Vivica Fox is the latest celebrity to be involved in a sex tape scandal. Refresher: Vivica was in the first Kill Bill and most recently appeared on Curb Your Enthusiasm as a member of the Black family staying with Larry. (Seriously, that's their name). Anyhoo, apparently Vivica was "servicing" some dude and he taped her with his cell phone video camera. Then he emailed the footage around to his friends. Which eventually got back to Vivica and she sent it to the Atlanta police department. According to SandraRose, she was drunk at the time, but, damn, how can you not notice a guy filming you? Homegirl must have really been concentrating. And if that wasn't embarrassing enough, Viv is also currently shooting a film called Caught on Tape. BlackTree Media catches Vivica Fox at LisaRaye's lingerie line premiere, Luxe & Romance during 2005 New York Fashion Week