New York Couture Fashion Week has finished its winter run in New York City this past weekend. Let's take a look. New York Couture Fashion wrapped up this weekend. This year designers from Lebanon, Romania, and South Africa showcased elaborate designs of limited release. This show is not just for the buyers but also for the general public. Among the most popular evening gowns are Jean Fares of Lebanon. [Marissa Marie Wilhelm, Performer]: "They were so beautiful! You know, you go to the stores, and you see the same thing over and over again, and these were just so elegant, and so stunning! Looking at them made me want to be a little girl and play dress up. They were beautiful!" Jean's evening gowns, like this green one, are made of only natural silks and embellished with rich beading and beautiful lace. Coming from the Middle east where Muslim women dress more conservatively, designer Jean Fares is ready to make cultural adjustments. [Jean Fares, Fashion Designer, Lebanon]: "You know, this is for the show, There are some clients who ordered as is -- and these are from the Arab world - and there are some more conservative, they preferred some modification. We can do that -- we can make any modification, if it will be good on her." New York Couture fashion week runs in New York twice a year. It has been a feast for the eyes and the media, and a great opportunity for designers. [Jean Fares, designer, Lebanon]: "Why in New York? Because I think, now New York is number one by media." This is Lidia Louk, NTDTV, New York.