To celebrate the launch of its ID Two Concept Watch, Cartier releases this slick new promo clip that offers a glimpse into the future of watchmaking:

The ID Two was the result of  more than five years of research and development from 135 different engineers. Utilizing polymer-coated fiberglass springs in place of the usual metal, the watch is able to retain 30% more energy than the typical wristwatch by transferring it from the barrels to the oscillator in an efficient matter and minimizing the overall consumption.


Cartier has also reengineered the linear steel and brass drivetrain, replacing it with anti-magnetic and anti-corrosive carbon crystal-coated silicon gears in a “planetary” structure. This technique makes it significantly harder and lighter than steel, and the new drivetrain produces 1/5 the friction of typical timepieces. Finally, AirFree technology with a vacuum-sealed case allows the Carbon crystal oscillator to consume 37% less energy.

For more technical details on the magnificent timepiece, visit HODINKEE.