I love wearing boots, but when is it wrong to wear them? Spring? Summer?  If so, what`s a good alternative?
It`s hard for me to answer this question honestly, because, frankly, I wear boots all the time.  It`s just my style.  But, there are times when a pair of boots (cowboy, Chelsea, worker) seems impractical.  I have friends who vehemently question how I can wear a pair of black leather boots on a hot summer day.  Well, no pain no gain, right?

But, they are right, it`s not the best idea.  Boots are primarily for colder weather, so when it`s warmer outside and you still want your feet to look nice, opt for a nice pair of loafers or slim lace-ups.  Everyone seems to loosen up once the weather heats up, so your feet should too