SneakersBR combines forces with Nike Sportswear in this collaborative project entitled “Spreading Sneaker Culture Throughout Brazil”. 

The project not only serves to celebrate three years of partnership between the sneaker site and the sportswear brand, but to also spread the sneaker culture throughout Brazil, a land of extremes, famous for football, carnivals, rain forests and coffee. More details via Nike Blog:

Blogger and artist Vinicius Popó was a primary contributor to the program, as he traveled to each region in order to spread a little bit of the SneakersBR style as well as document testimonials and some of that region’s local culture for use in the films. Popó designed the insoles for each regional shoe based on the specific cities he visited, which include Brasilia (Midwest), Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo (Southeast), Recife and Salvador (Northeast), Belém and Manaus (North) and finally Florianópolis and Porto Alegre (South).

Limited to only 12 pairs per region, the shoes—which come in a special edition canvas bag with 5 different pairs of shoe laces—were handed out by Popó to the people he spoke to within each region.

 View the amazing sneakers in the gallery below: