Panasonic’s third Micro Four Thirds camera, the GF1, matches the small size of its popular rival, the Olympus E-P1 while adding a built-in flash and some great new lenses. Besides the size and shape, the Lumix GF1 is very similar to the E-P1: Same 12.1 MP sensor, same 720p video and HDMI-out. But it does bring a handful of improvements, most notably the addition of a built-in flash which makes it thankfully more portable.

The lenses Panasonic is offering in the kits also look great. One kit has the Lumix G 20mm f1.7 “pancake” lens, which seems at least theoretically better, than the E-P1’s 17mm f2.8 kit lens. The other kit includes the LUMIX G VARIO 14-45mm f3.5-5.6 zoom lens. Both kits should retail for $900 when they’re released in early October.

Source: Gizmodo