The grand opening of the Topshop (Topman) branch in New York City was indeed a grand one, with dewy eyed teenagers and even the older generation who were equally as excited all lined up in front of the store well before opening time at 11 a.m. It was a spectacle to behold with the New York media who also came out in full force to document the whole ordeal.

It was madness outside the Santos Party House that left hapless bystanders struggling to comprehend why the fashionistas were willing to spend probably half their paychecks in another clothing store.

Despite the long wait and the crowd outside the store, inside was fairly manageable, especially the men's section on the lower level which was appreciably less hectic than the upper floors. Live DJs went largely unnoticed by the avid shoppers who were there for one reason and one reason only- Raiding the shop from top to bottom.

The Topman collections tend to be less parasitic on couture than Topshop with colourful basics arrayed on racks in the center of the floor. The section was full with suits, footwear, accesories and denim all catering for the urban male.

View most of the goods online at their website,

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