So you hate to be categorized under the "Metrosexual" category. But honestly? Metrosexuality is in now. Besides, the ladies dig men who take care of themselves. Gone are the days when skin care is just for women. Just take a look at skincare products on the shelves of your nearest store. Half of it cater to guys with different skin types. Make just a few changes to your routine and you're well on your way to a younger looking, healthy face.

1. Ditch that bar of soap.
I don't understand how some men can use that bar of soap for every part of their body! Do you really think that sharing the same bar that you use for your armpits and nether regions is suitable for your face? Well, it's not. In fact it's gross. Might as well not clean your face at all. Here's a simple task for you. Go to your convenience store and grab that tube that says "facial cleanser". They cater specifically to your skin type and doesn't transfer bacteria from here to there. (Unlike your bar of soap.)

2. Switch your aftershave for a balm.
Choose a balm without alcohol to soothe and heal your skin after shaving. Even a facial moisturizer will do the trick.

3. You really should moisturize.
Really. Unless you want to end up looking like a peeling potato, then by all means, don't.

4. Don't forget your lips.
No one likes kissing a pair of chapped, dry lips. And remember licking them doesn't help, instead it'll make things worse. Get a chap stick or lip balm and apply when you feel like your lips are gonna tear. And no, they're not only for women. Geez.

And that's it. Women will appreciate that effort into looking good, and they'll say "Thank You" in a really nice way too.