Want to give a woman a gift that keeps on giving (if you get our drift)? Give her something that shows you actually listen to her. "The best gifts show that you pay attention to the details in her life," says Payal Puri, editor of Cosmopolitan and a relationship expert. "Be it quirky or something in a casual conversation, effort counts big."

1. Reminisce with her
It's boring, but there's no faster route to intimacy than a stroll down memory lane. Just don't invite her mother.
• Restore a favourite photo (not one of the ex-boyfriend) and have it framed.
• Fly her best friend to visit her (not if she lives three blocks away) and take them out to dinner.
• Have a school reunion session at a cosy place, excuse yourself, and then come back to pick her up when she's all liquored up.

2. Homemade coupons
Women are suckers for it. Give her a certificate for a session of the 'Cover Model Shoot'…
• Three hours of foreplay
• An olive oil massage
• Conversation cuddles after sex

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3. Teach her a lesson
Women love gifts that involve a shared  experience," says Isadora Alman, a syndicated sex and relationship columnist in San Francisco. So sign up for...
• Dance lessons (Master some steps beforehand. She'll be floored!)
• Wine-tasting lessons
• Flying lessons
• Shared gym experiences
"Don't try outlandish things. And flying lessons may backfire if she has vertigo," says Puri.

4. Go the extra mile
Be her slave-trade places, later. Do this for her now:
• Wash her hair, scrub her back, and paint her toenails.
• Get her the first edition of a book or anything equally treasured.
• Express your love publicly-send her gift to her office or her party five minutes before you arrive.

5. Take her away
There's no need to fl y halfway across the world and back. Just grab her, a bottle of red wine and the car keys. Or else try...
• Naked bathtub days (yes, with the candles and bubble bath foam).
• For a spontaneous weekend in the hills or backwaters of Kerala.
• On a surprise vacation (conspire with her boss, then kidnap her).