Reverse her position
Encourage your partner to be bossy in bed. University of Michigan researchers concluded that women tend to associate sex with submission. "The more women reported adopting a submissive sexual role, the less they could express desires during sexual activities," says Amy Kiefer, one of the study authors. To make it clear that things in your bed are egalitarian, "create an environment in which women feel free to express their desires," says Kiefer. And put the handcuffs away.

A lean love machine
Women prefer muscle tone over muscle mass, according to a new UCLA study. When 141 women evaluated photos of shirtless men, they ranked athletic bodies (lean and defined) as more domestic than both muscular and skinny types. Study author David Frederick, PhD, says that women see men with big muscles as threatening and also obsessed with their self-rather than the fairer sex.
Women love team players
Want to impress her? Talk about your football team, not your marathon. Women are more attracted to team players than to men who play solo, according to a study in Evolutionary Psychology. When women viewed photos of men along with captions about the men's athletic endeavours, they rated the team sports players higher in datability and sexual attractiveness. The reason? Women may associate team sports with celebrity or prefer socially dominant men, says study author Albrecht Schulte-Hostedde, PhD.

SIGNS (Understand the chemistry)

Forgot the car keys?
In contrast with previous studies, recent Mayo Clinic research shows that men are one and a half times more likely than women to experience mild cognitive impairment, the transition stage before dementia. Level the field by boosting your intake of DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid. Eat more fish or take a fish-oil supplement. A recent study found that DHA may help prevent the development of Alzheimer's, the disease that causes dementia

Fact of life
34 - The number of times women fantasise about sex during the workday