Most guys don't know a thing about lingerie. But we're no different. But that doesn't mean we plan to stay this way forever! We surfed around here and there and made our own conclusions assembled this lingerie buyer`s guide to save you from buying a should-have-been-sexy-but-was-totally-unflattering piece of lingerie for your girl.

For the girl with a LARGE BUM

For the girl with a voluptuous backside a thong with some width to the back would do the trick. This type of thong minimizes size by covering about 1/3 of her bum, making it appear smaller. The cut is still very sexy though, as it shows ample cheek and elongates the line of the leg. 

Eres Sensuel & Cherie

For a pear shaped Girl

Not everybody's body is Barbie perfect. We recommend a chemise with sheer lace cups emphasizing the breasts. The solid bottom portion of the chemise should be solid with a shape that skims the waist and becomes an A-line to hide larger hips, thighs, and bum.

Fleur T Afterhours Babydoll

For well endowed ladies with large breasts

Full cup bras provide great support and smooth lines under clothes (it won`t cut into the breast tissue). The low bikini brief ensures that the look is still sexy and young.

Miss Mandalay

For the girl with a large tummy

Assuming if you land a chunker, this guide will have to change. However for the girl with a slightly larger tummy, a very short babydoll and matching low brief will show off a great pair of legs while subtly covering up her tummy and hips.

Geren Ford Short Babydoll and Brief

For the girl that's slim

Slimmer girls are generally easy when it comes to lingerie. Here's how to not overdo it:
Slimmer girls can compliment their frame with lingerie that is light, airy, and feminine

Pussy Glamore Dragon Fly

The hour glass figure girl

Curvy women require waistline emphasis on curves while adding volume to the cleavage. Enuff said.

Dolce & Gabbana Bustier