[image: collegecandy]

Short stuff. Little guy. Pipsqueak. You've heard it all before and it's really bogging you down. But seriously though, just because your short doesn't mean you can't live a full life.

Let's lay out the statistics. Regular height for a man ranges between 5-foot-8 and 5-foot-11, while "short" for men, according to clothing sizes, ranges between 5-foot-4 and 5-foot-7. Now, even if you don't reach the average height, there's no reason to feel insecure or lacking in any way.

Think about it; guys Ryan Seacrest, Tom Cruise and Nicolas Sarkozy might be short in stature, but when it comes to achieving their goals, height is never the issue. Heck, even Louis XIV wore five-inch high heels (don't get any ideas though) and he was the damn king of England!

Unless you only go for superficial chicks who are interested in meeting Mr. "tall-dark-handsome", most women wouldn't mind dating a guy who's shorter provided that they make up for what they lack in other areas. A short survey revealed that most women placed things like intellegence, sense of humor and great style in their list of criterias. They certainly don't want to date a frumpy, boring idiot just because he's 6 foot tall.

So if height is not necessarily included in a man's "good looks," with the right amount of confidence, women are sure to look past what you see as a flaw and would definitely be interested in getting to know you.

While we're at it, stop comparing yourself to your taller buds, accept that you're not going to grow any taller and work on the stuff that you can improve - your IQ, sense of humor, personality, confidence, charisma and style. Follow our advice instead of feeling sorry for yourself and you'll rise to the top in no time.