Now here's a tip on the best times to initiate sex with your lady:-

1. When she's all dolled up
It's quite surprising that she'll risk ruining her make up for sex, but she will, especially if she's looking forward to the day or night ahead. She's going to feel daring and sexy and after all when she's looking that foxy and you're giving her the attention she's looking for, she's more willing to oblige to sex. Just be sure not to be late for your date after that!

2. After exercise
Exercise releases happy hormones called endorphins and a good workout makes a woman feel powerful and sexy. Trust us when we say she's going to walk through the door looking and feeling like a million dollars after her workout. And when she feels sexy, she'll want to show you how she feels too.

However, make sure you're not trying to get it on with her when she's all sweaty as she might be feeling uncomfortable and grimy. It may be best to wait until she has gotten her shower, but watch out: The moment might have passed by then!

3. When she's angry
Aggression can be a strangely powerful aphrodisiac. Ever wonder why make-up sex is so good? A word of caution though, she may not let you win by having sex with you, however much she wants it. It will be a good idea to let things cool down for abit, perhaps with a playful wrestle session?

4. Early on in the date
When everything is new, fresh and exciting, it really is one of the times when women are feeling frisky. However, don't expect sex to happen too soon as they may want to get to know you a little bit more to find out if both of you are compatible. And if you are then, the date can very well be carried on in the bedroom.

Now, it's of course not right to always assume that she wants to have sex with you when in these situations. Most of the times, you really have to gauge how she's feeling at that point of time. If not, you might end up getting slapped - hard - on your face.

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